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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX  February 5, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EST

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warmer and just pleasant start to the day. >> all right great thanks so much gwen we hope everybody has a wonderful super bowl sunday. >> that does it for us this morning stay tuned for fox news sunday join us back tonight at 6 and 10 for your news weather and sports >> chris: i'm chris wallace. mitt romney takes the nevada caucus for the second big win of the week. where does the republican race for president go from here? we'll get results and reaction from the silver state and talk with former senator rick santorum who is looking to make his move in the next primary states. and is the battle between the two front runners hurting republican chances in the fall? we'll talk to supporters of both candidates. bob mcdonnell who is for mitt romney and j.c. watts who backs
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gingrich. and white house to women's groups. politics of health care is a big issue again. how it can swing the election. and the power ringer puts his money where his convictions are when it come to helping his country, all on "fox news sunday". hello, again from fox new in washington. after a roller coaster ride in january, the republican presidential race is starting to settle down. late sunday in the nevada caucus mitt romney had a commanding victory winning freight percent of the vote. back in second place was gingrich in 23 percent and ron paul at 19 percent and rick santorum finished last. for more results. we turn to fox news national correspondent john roberts in las vegas . >> good morning to you, chris. it is the first back to back
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wins in the contest and numbers in nevada appear to be down four years ago, it was enough for mitt romney to claim a victory in the silver state in a state where the house always wins, nevada is mitt romney's house. >> this is not the first time you gave me your vote of confidence, and this time i got to take it to the white house. whether it was secret service details or two state blow outs he sounded like the nominee . focusing his remarks to the man he hopes to win in november. >> this president should apologize to america. >> for newt gingrich south carolina seems like a long ways away. he is starved for cash gingrich said he's in it until the convention in tampa. >> our commitment is to seek to
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find a series of victories by the end of the texas primary will leave us with a parity with mitt romney and see if we can't win the nomination. >> ron paul who finished second was counting on a repeat. he fell short ended up in third acknowledging rom no looks like he could go the long way. >> statistically that could be the case. but every once in a while he gets in trouble, too. >> for rick santorum his worst finish yet. last place in a state he spent little time and money losing the conservative vote to mitt romney >> we were not out there advertising and driving that message. it is one thing to give a speech and another thing to drive and penetrate that message. santorum is in the rasmussen poll -- if he hope to get there,
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he has to win a few states. john roberts reporting from las vegas. joining us from minneapolis is one of the candidates looking to regroup and generate momentum on tuesdayment former senator rick santorum. welcome back to "fox news sunday". >> guest: thank you, chris. >> chris: how is bella, precious three year old that left the hospital after a bout of pneumonia. >> guest: she's doing great. thank you for praying for her and everybody in the country. she had a rough time a week ago today but thanks to the great doctors and hospital and a lot of prayer she turned around amazingly quickly. and she's home and healthy and we are pleased. >> chris: i want ask you about the commitment to the campaign. i have to think part of you said maybe i should get out of this
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race and focus on my family? >> guest: any time one of your children are sick, you have to get home and in a case she was seriously ill and required hospitalization family comes first. and i think anybody in this race, much less myself. being parents, and what your responsibility to be the best dad and husband you can be. we think the country is in a critical juncture and we foal like we can bring something to the table that makes my children's lives substantially better as president even more so than being at home rather than being out campaigning, it is better to devote a country that is free and prosperous for the future. >> chris: senator, you finished third in south carolina and third in florida and last noit in nevada as we mentioned, you
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finished last. how are you going to turn that around and be more competitive. >> guest: you wait for tuesday. first five states are capped in tone. they were the last time governor mitt romney and congressman paul had an advantage. they spent a lot of time and money in the year's campaign and last four years. and now in the state people don't have the natural advantage or time or staff commitment to build out an organization like they did in the first five. we'll do well in minnesota and we'll do well in colorado and we have a one-on-one match up against mitt romney in missouri. it is it a key state and primary and we think that we can do exceptional low well in the state of missouri. three states coming up on tuesday and show that the race is moving in a different
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direction. >> chris: colorado and minnesota caucuses. and missouri a primary and a beauty contest and it doesn't choose delegates. honestly is tuesday make or break for you, sir? >> guest: not at all. i think we will show improvement. this race is a long, long way from being over. we believe if you look at the national polls, our numbers are moving up continuually and in your intro, we are the only candidate cording to the rasmussen poll that beats barack obama. gingrich is way behind. the pem see mitt romney doing well and newt gingrich not up to the task with the money and resources and the organization that he had in particular in florida, they are looking someone else take on mitt romney and take on barack obama. it is not who wins the primary
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but the general election. look at florida and nevada. results were down as far as participation was concerned. it is not a good sign when the two candidates are not generating energy in the republican primary. ron paul is in there and he's picking up delegates, too. but in nevada, you ran a tough adagainst gingrich: >> rick santorum for president. hoe doesn't just talk the conservative game, he lives it. >> when you say that you live it, you live a good conservative game and we see a picture of you and your beautiful family, is that a veiled reference to newt gingrich's personal problems? >> guest: if you look at the actual ad before that line, it talks about four issues and talks about immigration and cap and trade and talks about health
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care and the wall street bailouts. it is very much an ad focused on the four issues that are important to this campaign where the four issues where governor romney and speaker gingrich don't reflect the conservative values that are important for rallying our base and creating excitement in the country. yes, i live it in my professional and personal life and that is a message that is important for a presidential candidate. >> chris: let me ask you that. is that a legitimate issue of how you have lived your personal life? >> guest: i think it is something that everybody should consider. i said the issue of character is important . trustworthiness is important one and authtensity and whether you are flip flopping on positions and in your campaign, all of
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those are character issues and important to consider. >> chris: you are critical of gingrich and his lead areship in the house and you were in the house with him . you have questioned his stability. do you honestly think that newt gingrich is fit to be president of the united states? >> guest: gingrich would be a better president than barack obama. my question is the things that nought is prone to do. to look to government to do more things than you think to believe when you listen to his rhetoric. a lot of ideas that newt comes up with whether it is a moon colono or a cap for social security are not connected to fiscal responsibility and limited government and doing things from the bottom up and from a free market and free enterprise point of view. i want a candidate to be
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consider servative and stay disciplined and stay focused on barack obama as the person to highlight the race and not make the republican candidate the issue of the campaign. >> chris: talk about romney . jobs numbers were pretty good on friday that came out for the last minute -- month of january. 8.5. you had said about romney if the economy keeps improving, his candidacy is in question because hehas number to offer. >> guest: all hoe talks about is being a ceo and businessman. i am not sure that is the best qualification for being president of the united states. if he is machine who can run the economy. i don't believe the president runs the economy. he creates an environment and if he works with congress to
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improve the atmosphere, but the president of the united states is commander-in-chief and executes the law and motivate the american public to make changes that are necessary. and governor mitt romney doesn't create the contrast to for bark obama. we give away the health issue and cap and trade and wall street bailouts. all of the government interventions in the private sector and you would think that a ceo businessman would oppose the government intrusion. he sided with big government and not business . he underlies his own credibility. >> chris: couple of health issues became political. the susan g. komen race for the cure foundation first cut off funding for planned parent hood which is a abortion provider and
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then reversed that decision, your reaction, sir? >> guest: they are a private organization and they can fund the effort they have wanted. i have taken a position as presidential candidate planned parent hood funds and does abortion and leading abortion provider in the nation. i don't believe federal funds should go there. they are a private organization and they have to support whatever they want. i don't think that breast cancer research is advanced by funding that does abortion. i don't think it is a particularly healthy way of contributing money to further the cause of breast cancer and that's what a private organization like susan g. komen will do. >> chris: the obama administration is coming under fire that catholic institutes
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and charities and hospitals and schools are going to have to offer health insurance that includes contraception. the administration defends this and saying the vast majority of woman and even cath luck women use birth control. your response? >> guest: the catholic church that birth control pills and the morning after pill which is not just a birth control pill andsterulization which is something that the church specifically teaches against. here you have a situation with a tricky play. the government you rights to health care, be careful, because then they can tell you how to exercise your right against your first amendment rights and ability to pract us your faith . where the head of the chaplain of the army wanted to issue a letter to all of the other catholic churches and the army
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and obama administration said they couldn't complain about the obama administration's plan on this policy. and now not only violating the freedom of religion and speech, this is it a problem when government tells you they can give you things. they can take it away. but now they actual how to exercise the rights consistent with their values instead of the values of our constitution. >> chris: senator santorum thank you for coming in and safe travels and so how you do on tuesday and see you on the caam pain trail. >> guest: thank you, chris >> chris: we'll be joined by the top supporters of the two front runners.
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>> chris: to helps get a better read on where the republican race goes from here. we are joined by virginia governor bob mcdonnell top supporter of mitt romney joins us from richmond and here in the studio j.c. watts who backs gingrich. congressman watts, your goy gingrich sufared a straight dephot. and what is his strategy. hold on until super tuesday. >> guest: i spent day orgnoising for the next three or four months. super tuesday is critical. i was in minnesota and we foal
9:19 am
good about our chances there and felt like nevada was going to be tough . and colorado is going to be tough. but we think we are competitive in minnesota and arizona and then spring board us to super tuesday and we expect the results to be much better. >> chris: governor mcdonnell. half of the delegates will not be ooh warded total. and so therefore no one will get the majority until late april. don't the gop rowels insure that this race will go into may or june. >> guest: it depends on who wins the upcoming races. 17 primaris and caucus over the next 30 days. and if you look at florida and now in nevada back to back here with double digit wins by mitt romney, young. old and evangelical .
9:20 am
tea party and main stream republican, mitt romney is appealing to the broader section of republican voters. for the next races, he will show he is result and consistent conservative to win across the bord and in november. >> chris: congressman, newt gingrich escalates his attacks against mitt romney. he called mitt romney a proabortion, progun control approximate protax increase liberal . last week, he called him obama light and little fod stamp as opposed to obama who is big food stamp. isn't that over the top. >> guest: george soros said there is not any difference and not much difference between president obama and governor
9:21 am
romney and at the same time, chris, i have encouraged people to lock at where the candidates stood on issues when they had a vote or influenced public policy. spoker gingrich was balancing the budget. and governor romney was supporting the very thing that you yust mentioned. been on record supporting that been on record supporting abortion and speaker things is acould you saying him of. it is a legitimate charge. governor mcdonnell how do you respond. >> chris: he governed as pro life in blue state and cut taxes 19 times and balanced a budget without raising taxes. he said he is fortraditional
9:22 am
marriage and i think that hoe is a consistent conservative . speaker gingrich up with nancy apollo. and i think hoe has challenges for conservatives, tompt but hoe wins evangelicals and conservatives. he is appealing to a broad section of our conservative base. i think you would agree that mitt romney made a series was gaffes this wook week and months on the campaign trail, especially on the issue of whether or not he is in touch with most americans. we'll look at some of those. >> i am not concerned about the very poor and i get speaker foes. i like being able to fire people who provide services to me.
9:23 am
>> chris: won't democrats hammer mitt romney over those statements. >> guest: i have made moy share, too. i beat jc has as well he apologized and said he at any time phrase it as well he was talking about the programs for the middle class . every politician makes and said they can say different loy. president obama accused people of clinging to guns and religion. the point is who can win and overwhelmingly, chris, people in the republican base are voting for mitt romney because he can beat obama in november. i do, too. >> chris: there was an interesting development in the entrance polls before people went in the caucus. not only did rom no win in the groups he won before. but he beat gingrich with the strong tea party supporters and
9:24 am
people who identified themselves as very conservative. >> guest: chris, i am shocked that any candidate would say i am not concerned about the poor. that i think gives us a good intention . >> chris: he did say they have a safety net. >> guest: but say we take it out of context. take it in context. to say they have a safety net. i defoin how many people are on food stamps and in public housing. why can't we define compassion by how fow people are on food stamps and in public housing. he said i will shove them off to the side because of safety net. >> chris: let me bring in governor mcdonnell. i will say there is a lot of conservatives that say governor romney didn't seem to be in
9:25 am
touch with conservative thinking. good economic programs and lower regulation is a job in a strong economy. >> guest: i think governor romney is the best candidate to talk about the american dream because he lived it he is a great defender of free supers special he upons everyone to have the same opportunity for success that he h. i will say this,acs speak louder than words . he disclosed his tax returns and 16 percent of his income of charit yetaking care of the por. i think his personal testimony and i know him well . he cares about people of all incomes. and everybody to have acess to the american dream. your guy mitt romney is going after newt gingrich. he said gingrich is a failed leader who resigned in disgrace
9:26 am
and now an influence peddler. is that over the top. >> guest: i think it is well known that speaker gingrich left his office back in the '90s, but i think what is important now, mitt romney is saying -- look both candidates are tough and they bring and say things and expose the opponent's weak voters are responding to is mitt romney's message in every demographic sector and they believe hoe can beat bark obama. it is about leadership and spending and buying what mitt romney is talking about. >> chris: congressman watts, your response to the attacks against gingrich. guest. i was there. he paid a $300,000 reimbursement fefor having to investigate one
9:27 am
charge out of the 84 that he filed bad information on. he reimbursed them. it was not a fine. he didn't resign out of the disgrace. >> chris: hoe was forced out in '98. >> mike: - >> guest: he was able to run >> chris: he was told by the party that hoe didn't have the votes. >> guest: you don't win the nomination by making the argument in washington. you make the argument in south carolina and oklahoma and texas and soomp and concerning the demographic of the votes that mitt romney gathered. south carolina and florida and oklahoma and texas and further midwest and south you go. the tougher it gets for machine who had been on record being pro gun. and pro same sex marriage and pro abortion and raising taxes and foes.
9:28 am
i think that gets tougher as a sale. they will have to make the argument to the vores and the speaker stands a good chance. >> chris: finally only a few minutes left. governor mcdonnell your name is prominently mentioned as a running mate should rom no win the nomination . and you are not being coy about temperature you said you would be interested. >> guest: chris, what i said i think anybody who got a call from the nom no and said you will help the country and ticket. you would consider that and i will let everybody else talk about that and we'll so what happens. >> chris: let me ask you briefly. make the case. why would bob mcdonnell be a plus near a republican national
9:29 am
ticket? >> guest: again, i am not brewing or waiting for the phone to ring. i want to help mitt romney because our counselry is in trouble and no plan for jobs and energy. thos why i am behind mitt romney. we balance the budget without raising taxes. and our unemployment in the southeast. we are pleased with things we have done in virginia. that is up to the nominee. i want to win to so a better america for my kid and grand kids. >> chris: we'll have to leave it there thank you for standing if for your two candidates. would say you are better than they are. >> guest: thanks a lot. >> chris: up next. how solid is mitt romney as the front runner? we'll talk about what happens next. was worry ! specialists, lots of doctors, lots of advice...
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♪ >> mr. president we welcome any good news on the job front. but it is thanks to the innoivation of the american people and private sector and not to you, mr. president. >> chris: that was mitt romney last night in las vegas celebrating a second big win this week and looking ahead to a general election campaign against president obama. it is time for our sunday group. bill kristol of the weekly standard; liz marlantes from the
9:34 am
science monitor. and form news contributor liz cheney and fox news analyst juan williams. bill, rom ne's win was expected but combined with the win in florida and a string of strong states for him in february, how commanding is his position right now in >> it is pretty commanding. but the string of apparently strong sets coming up ahead. it is santorum make or break. but he said it is a long campaign. but he will try to surpass gingrich and win rom no. if he could win. he's won five in a row that. is impressive string. >> chris: in fairness. liz marlantes, we remember in february 2008 bark obama won a string of vict row in caucus and didn't stop hillary clinton and she came back strong in march.
9:35 am
even if you do well in one month it doesn't preclude the others ones. >> we know that gingrich is facing difficulties financially. >> chris: he is $600,000 in debt. >> he was raising money. it was a weird week in the sense it was good for romney in that he is consolidating and restoring that sense of inevitability and marching to the nomination. but it was also a bad week for him. the gaffe about not concerned about the poor and weird press conference with donald trump. and in the back drop of that. what really happened we had the jobs number and general election picture is shifting. even if you get the sense that mitt romney is consolidating his
9:36 am
support, you don't feel like republicans feel all that great about him or his chances against obama. >> liz cheney, let's talk not about romney but about gingrich and santorum. we who are holding on for their lives right now. you heard santorum really counting on a strong showing in colorado, minnesota and missouri on tuesday. gingrich seems to be holding on for a super tuesday, 10 states including a few southern state and including home state of the florida. what do you think . strategy and chances? >> i think that both of them adopted the strategy that is available to them . it is it too soon to say it is over. every time you see the romney victory it looks like he is the nominee. newt said he will hang on until texas in april. i do think it is it a mistake for santorum as he did again to
9:37 am
talk about the jobs numbers as though that diminishes romney's reason for being in the race. it ignores the poreconomic condition we are in. and ignores the fact that they should have been better longer and it is a anemic recovery . higher levels of spending and more people unemployed and fewer people employed since 1983. very bad significant economic challenges that we face that one month of job numbers doesn't turn around . any of the republican candidate it is better to deal with that. >> chris: let's talk about the job numbers. u.s. economy created 243,000 new jobs and unemployment rate dropped for the fifth straight month to 8.3 percent which is lowest in three years. that raises the question, juan, if that continues is it hard for
9:38 am
any republican to run against barack obama. >> it is hard if the economic numbers git better. they are terrific numbers. there is no getting away from that. and liz's point sounds and governor romney's point cheering for bad news because of the political hope to beat bark obama. but look at consumer confidence and the fact that employers are hiring and when you watch the super bowl, you will see a ton of ads from the car companis and they believe it is it getting better. and that is very good news for president obama. >> chris: liz, make the case, even if unemployment goes down and americans go back to work. republicans run on the economy. >> there is no one cheering for bad news. it is good news for all americans when you see good job numbers. but it is wrong to assume one month of good job numbers takes
9:39 am
on the problems of the large debt and fundmental crisis. president obama is digging the hole deeper and deeper. we learned that we will have a trillion dollar deficit. americans still face a fundmental choice this november of whether we will go down the path of europe or face a massive debt crisis and the kind of austerity measures we'll see in europe. >> i agree it is not one month. but the consume are confidence and employee hires is confidence. americans are concerned with jobs. let's produce jobs and you talk about making changes in terms of entitlement spending that is it a larger discussion. it is not topic one for the voters >> chris: let me bring in mitt. let me bring in bill to talk about mitt romney. this is it a particular problem for him because he is running
9:40 am
single mindedly as master of the economy and turn around the economy x. if the recovery is taking hold and the economy is turning around on his own what is the rationale for the campaign. >> if you like obama care reelect obama. but if you don't discrimination mitt romney . i think that romney is so focused on i am a ceo turn around the economy environment that he hasn't painted a broader picture of the choices. >> i think santorum did a good job on that. >> chris: let me bring you into one of the things i admired about obama was ability to hut a big speech and the speech on
9:41 am
race over the controversy about reverend wright. does mitt romney need it make a speech addressing the wealth and gaffes and his can daysy. >> one . problems and issues that bill just cited. he is badly positioned on. obama care is a potent issue for republicans and a motivating factor for tea party supporters and romney is the worst candidate to be out front. the case that santorum is making is strong and ironically even though romney came in first in nevada and florida and had these little gaffes. santorum had sort of a good week . we'll see what happens for him in missouri and colorado. we have seen the issues that the economy has gotten better and a candidate like santorum is stronger on than mitt romney.
9:42 am
>> we have to take a break. but when we come back, the politics of health care and cancer and birth control. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] how can power consumption in china, impact wool exports from new zealand, textile production in spain, and the use of medical technology in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. >> chris: still to come the power player of the week. >> if i live a normal life span . >> chris: almost everywhere you turn there is it a project. >> i am happy to be in the position and recognize i am fortunate. stay tuned. our panel will be right back.
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♪ >> just goes to show you when women speak out women win and women's health has a big victory this morning. >> we are witnessing a shake down of an organization that simply wants to save the lives of women through cancer research . >> chris: that was a taste of the furor of the wael ghonim's decision to cut plans from planned parent hood and komen's sudden reversal. liz cheney, komen is the nation's breast cancer advasy research. first defunding and then reversing and fund planned
9:46 am
parent hood for screening of breast cancer. how much was caught up in politics. >> i think in the end of the day they mishandled. there is a lot of prolife conservative women who had no idea if you contributed to the komen found adings that may end up with planned parent hood. i think it is an issue if komen was going to do it they should have been up front about the reasons why. there is no reason why the pressure ought to be applied so that money for breast research. >> chris: but the pressure in the first position. both times they were under pressure. >> i think the most important story in terps of the presidential campaign and issues was the obama decision. i want to speak on it. >> chris: all right. we'll move on. >> the obama administration is
9:47 am
insisting that the catholic church fund insurance and that is crit beingal important. you may not get back to me, chris. >> chris: i am tough to her; too. we done run through red lights around here. the facts about planned parent hood. they are the leading provider of abortions in this country. over 300,000 performed in 2010. abortions are three percent of the services it provides and over the last few years, planned parent hood is responsible for four million breast exam. liz marlantes, should komen get involved in the controversy. >> i am sure at this point they wish they had not. most of us didn't know they were providing money for planned parenthood . i am sure they will lose some funding over this.
9:48 am
they completely back tracked. and the at the same time they put out just said we'll restore their funding for now and they have the right to apply for future grants. anybody has the right to apply for grants. in terms of why they did this, it was a totally case study in bad pr in terms of how not to handle. we heard shifting explanation because planned parent hood isurn investigation and because they don't provide mammograms, but provide referralas for mammograms and it was all over the map and unfortunate for the komen foundation. if they wanted to break tice for political reasons. they should have been up front and realize the hits for it >> chris: bill, add one more thing to the equation. the fascinating aspect of social media. there was a fire storm first against komen for cutting and
9:49 am
then against komen for restoring the funding on the internet. and this comes a months after the furor over piracy legislation that forced congress to back down. how big and powerful of a player is social media in our politics. >> it's powerful and the cultural wars are alive and well. people think it doesn't matter. it is it the economy. and you know what, people care about issues and they don't think they have to restrict themselves because of tough economic times to voting on and weighed in on and using social media. they care about a lot of things . it was a good wake-up call that the culture issues are important. >> you are right. cultural reasons are a politicalal strategist issue and abortion is a foremost one.
9:50 am
it is it a huge divider and used since the nixon days. obama won the catholic vote. he has the lead before the controversey. now the idea he will lose the white catholic vote and what is in danger is the hispanic catholic vote. if you can get hispanic catholics to shift from obama to the republican column that is it a huge victory. >> chris: we'll get into what liz wanted talk about. the obama administration has decided it will as part of the health care say the catholic institution. not churches. but charitis and hospitals and cols must offer insurance with contraception. and the catholic church is upset and so is liz cheney. >> it is important that the
9:51 am
catholic church is fighting back. the government shouldn't force the catholic church to force things that are contrary to catholic beliefs. in the end of the day, republicans and democrats across the board, catholics and noncatholics standing up against this. as the catholic church fights, it is it likely to win. it is the core of who we are as merps. the federal government tells people they must pay for contraception and morning after pill. and face fines that are devastating. >> chris: how do you respond to that and the argument that the administration is making. we are not saying they have to use birth control. but we are saying they have a choice and the vast majority of women do use birth control. >> yes, birth control is universal in this country and this is not a first amendment issue and a matter of religious
9:52 am
liberty . no one said the church has to do it. we are talking about charities and schools and some cases hospitals. this is federal government money that is allocated . why we should say one orthodoxy. >> chris: this is not federal money. this is simply saying you as part of your health coverage. >> without a deductible. and with that saying, this should be happening with any help or charity that does health care planclinicings. why should any religion . 92 we are running out of time. there is a conscience clause that exempted the catholic institution. the white house said no clause. >> even the obama administration said people shouldn't be forced to pay for something they find abhorrent. why are they telling people the
9:53 am
kind of insurance. it is because of obama care. >> you just changed the debate. >> chris: thank you, panel. see you next week and check out panel plus where we will pick up with the discussion on "fox news sunday".com. we'll post the video before noon eastern time . up next, the power player of the week. i found a new way to get my profile out there. check me out. everybody says i've got a friendly disposition and they love my spinach dip. 5 foot ten. still doing a little exploring... on it. my sign is sagittarius, i'm into spanish cheese, my hairline is receding but i'm getting a weave. (falsetto chorus) getting a weave. who wants some ronald tonight!? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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this was the gulf's best tourism season in years. all because so many people came to louisiana... they came to see us in florida... make that alabama... make that mississippi. the best part of the gulf is wherever you choose... and now is a great time to discover it. this year millions of people did. we set all kinds of records. next year we're out to do even better. so come on down to louisiana... florida... alabama... mississippi. we can't wait to see you. brought to you by bp and all of us who call the gulf home. >> philan tropy is a ancient
9:55 am
greek word that means loving humanity. giving your time and hard work and your money. here's our power player of the week. you can't take it with you. and so there is a value in giving away the money while you can. >> david rubenstein is one of washington's biggest business men. there is a project. when the washington monument was damaged by the earthquake. he agreed to split the 15 million dollar repair with the government. he bought a copy of the magnacarta for 21 million. >> i was fortunate to get it and put it on permanent loan here. and this week presiding over the installation in the national archives. i am fortunate to where people like me can have good fortune
9:56 am
and i want to give back to washington as well so many good things happened to me. >> he was the son of a postal clerk who never made more than $8000 a year. he got a scholarship to duke and worked in jimmy carter's white house and co-founded karl-- carlyle group. i needed to apply myself. >> his job is to raise billions of dollars that the company invests. >> how many days a year to you travel. 260 days a year . i enyoy it or i wouldn't do it. >> he has a big vacation home in nantucket with a rock and on the whole i would ragger be work that will be on my tombstone.
9:57 am
he has a personal fortune of more than two billion. >> what you more pleasure making money or giving away. making money is a challenge and large part of my life. but giving away money is complicated. >> what he means, he upons his money to have an impact and given millions for student scholarship and four and half million for the panda in the national wroo and 10 million in the kennedy >> any idea how much money you have begin over the years. >> i know i have good accountants and not manage i will announce. >> over or under are you million. >> you can ait is over. >> chris: he made the same pledge as warren buffet and bill gates to give away more than half of his wealth. >> i will have the opportunity to give it away for 20 years or so. you never know if there is it a
9:58 am
heaven or not. i believe if you give away money you have a better chance to get there. >> chris: he doesn't think much of the attacks on mitt romney's career. carlyle . more than 600,000 are employed there. >> next week we'll have former governor sarah palin who will be live here in the studio. that's it for today. have a great week, and we'll see you on the next "fox news sunday". ♪
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